Danielle was born and raised in Paris.  A wildly creative artist, she has been passionately painting
from adolescence to present. Working in textiles, paint, sculpture, mixed media, and more, she
creates visionary works of art.  In Paris, her powerful art works garnered commissions from such
high end fashion industry clients: Ercea, Le Garage, Texunion, Daniel Hechter, Naf Naf, Boa,
Couleur France. In the magazine arena: Elle, Marie-Claire, Jeune et Jolie, Cosmopolitan among
others including the advertising and publishing industries: Hachette, Albin Michel, Mila, Lito,
Hatier, and Hazan.
For twenty years, Danielle Siegelbaum has been celebrated as a masterful and
a progressive contemporary artist.  In 2007, Danielle brought her paintings and
sculptural works of art to N.Y.  Having made an impact in Paris France with a successful
career she is now creating buzz in the New York City art world.
The New Yorker Magazine, as well as design of Sony Madison
Ave store commissioned her work..
Danielle continues to create a dynamic offering of artworks. Spectacular visions emerge from
each painting bringing the viewer a feeling of a shared connective experience that excites.

2017: Cabinet of Curiosities, Harlem Properties Gallery, New York City
2017: She inspires, The untitled Space Gallery, New York City
2017: Uprise, The Untitled Space, New York City
2016: You are one of a kind, K&P Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
2016:Trees of Life and Evil Eyes, Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York City
2016:The Finest of Arts, Helene Fuld-College of Nursing, New York City
2016: Border 2016, Starr Space Gallery, Brooklyn
2016: Wide Open 7, BWAC, Brooklyn
2016: Putting all together 2016, Blur Door Art Center, Yonkers
2016 :Paper Works 2016,Upstream Gallery, Hasting on Hudson
2015: The Art Source Loft, Park Avenue, New York City
2015: Flux Art Fair,New York City
2014: Optional Allusions Art in Flux, ALOFT New York City
2014: Wherefore Art? Art In FLUX, ALOFT New York City
2013: Renaissance Fine Art Gallery, New York City
2013: Leroy Neiman Art Center, New York City
2012: Surtex New York City
2011: Renaissance Fine Art Gallery, New York City
2011: Spirit of Community, The Dwyer Cultural Center, New York City
2008: Puzzle retrospective, M Project Gallery Tribeca, New York City
2003: Group Exhibition, la Samaritaine, Paris